We are now facing tough economic condition and it is typically easy to take advantage of the small admission price of museums as an excuse to staying at home. On the other hand, in a recent study performed by Harris Interactive, they discover that people are more pleased when spending money on life experiences compared to material things.

And this is exactly what museums are about. Selling experience, a journey down to memory lane in how renowned artists have made such wonderful masterpiece.

Smarter Everyday

One of the major roles of museums is engaging and educating the community and the public as a whole.

Museum exhibits are inspiring interests in an item, study, idea or time period. However, there is more to be looked at than this.

Museums are actually great examples of an informal learning environment. Meaning to say, they’re primarily devoted to informal education which is a lifelong process where people develop values, knowledge, skills and attitudes from daily experiences as well as educative resources in their surroundings.

Be Inspired

Museums are also a source of inspiration via personal connection among visitors and not just onsite and through its outreach efforts in the community. In fact, some were even able to connect using their social networks.