Project 77

Engaging yourself in personal art projects help in fueling your creativity. However, being able to figure out what projects to work on may not be that easy. If you wish to trigger your creativity while having fun at the same time, then you’ve come to the right place.

In fact, why don’t you get started with a collaborative creative party with friends?

Invite some of your closest friends or folks who share the same interests as yours.

As you do so, make sure that they bring their own art projects with them. Whether they are a novelist, artist, knitter, scrapbooker and whatnot, have them in your place.

Group Art Work!

With these types of art projects for adults, you can embark on creating something that you have never imagined. Besides, it is a whole lot of learning experience. It’s like having a group study but only in this case, you are sharing your art techniques and styles with each other.

Discover a lot more about Yourself

Then there’s this “mixed tape paint along” wherein the objective of this art project is experimentation and having fun. No need to use precious materials. It’s perfect for small pieces of paper or a sketchbook. Regardless if you’re using digital tunes, cassettes or vinyl, collect at least 5 or 8 of your favorite tunes and then, make shapes and marks on it. Use colors that reflect your personality and what you feel and hear about the song.