Main Gallery

Finding the right gallery is comparable to choosing your partner for relationship. As such, finding the best match that can complement your assets is vital. Similar to other relationships, a one-type-fits-all does not exist.

Every artist has their specific set of needs and requirements.

While the focus of this post is a general approach to gallery types, it is at least enough to give you an idea on which one to be engaged on. After all, the end goal is providing information for those who need clarification in major physical gallery models.

Commercial Gallery

This gallery is choosy with regards to the artists they allow. In most cases, a partnership or agreement is set between the gallery and artist wherein the former offers to market the artist’s work in public. Above all, to their pristine collectors.

Blue Chip Gallery

From the sales price, commission rates, list of clients, guest curators, exhibition partnerships as well as in-house artists, it all reflects to the title of this gallery. If you were able to be listed as part of such gallery, you know that you’ve reached success.

Rental Galleries

In this type of gallery, it might operate on behalf of the artists regarding sales but, the artist is still in charge of the content of the area and how he or she wanted to set up the floor area.