2013 Project 77

Artists are very vulgar with their work and passionate with their craft. They are pursuing creativity and art in so many ways. Some are painting while others are working with sculpture or ceramics with a myriad of materials.

Art is undoubtedly valuable and beautiful to see.

However, if not handled properly, this can be hazardous to health – both to the artists themselves and others nearby.

The Dangers of Being an Artist no one is Talking About

Whether you believe it or not, environment of art studio could be a dangerous place. The sculptors who are working in stone and wood are using large and sharp knives, saws as well as blades. Then, there are those who are using heat in welding heavy and bulk pieces of metal that might have sharp edges too.

Some of the artists are working on enormous canvases which necessitate the use of high ladders and risk themselves of physical dangers. Many are using adhesives as well as glues that are giving off dangerous fumes.

Caution and Care

Let’s face it, hazardous materials exist in the medium that the artist is using. This is true particularly in disciplines such as ceramics and painting. While it’s impossible to tackle all art hazards, it is imperative to take proper measures to prevent the unexpected to happen.