Personal Gallery

It was not everyone’s cup of tea to open an art gallery. These are meant for those who truly commit themselves to art and art world. Great number of these galleries has survived with the consistent sale of high-quality artworks to dedicated art collectors. Of course, together with new client base too.


Art gallery will be keeping a certain percentage of the sale while the remaining part goes directly to the artist.

As for the gallery’s host, they it is imperative to build friendship and relationship amongst collectors, media, investors and most of all, artists.

After all, these would supply the projects that the rest would seek out.

It’s a People Business

This is not the kind of career that everyone can jump into and suddenly make money. This career is designed for socialists, independent as well as business-minded individuals whose heart and soul is really into business and art itself. If you are, then you are all set to making your name in this hustling market.

Assuming that you have these traits and characteristics, and then you are all set in creating a business plan and get started to work your way in launching an art gallery and make serious profits.