Dechambo Art Work

There are different art styles that have been developed and introduced throughout the span of century.

Numerous artists are sharing the same style and idea which have lead to the creation of multiple Art Movements.

What is Art Movement?

Quite simply, Art Movement is a style in art that’s shared by artists who have common goal or philosophy. Let’s try to learn more about basic art movements. This way, you will appreciate the main intent and goal of every painting and understand why it is made in such a way.

One of the styles under Art Movement is referred to as Abstraction. In this style of painting, it consists of elements of reality but it is being expressed in abstract approach. The medium is focused on essence of subject and not basically on how it would appear in real world.

Surrealism is Surreal

The dreamlike nature of surrealism is one prominent feature of this art. You can quickly recognize the subject’s form but it is being presented in disorganized matter as well as distorted image. Believe it or not, there are several artists who have used this technique in their artworks with names like Paul Delvaux, M. C. Escher, Joan Miro and Salvador Dali.