Dechambo 2013

There are various forms of art styles used by famous and amateur artists alike.

Being able to learn and understand what each style is and experimenting on various approaches are all parts of the journey to be unique in this field.

Feed Your Artistic Skills

While you would not be part of an original movement, you’d be glad to know that there are already group of artists who share the same ideas and style of painting throughout a certain period in history. Sure, you still can paint in the same style that they’ve used as you’re experimenting and you can take advantage of this to nurture and master your style.

Styles and Techniques of making Art

One of the major art form being used especially by renowned artists of our time is realism. This is the art style in which most deem as “real art”. This is where the subject looks more like the “real thing” than being abstracted or stylized, hence the name.

Then during the Industrial Revolution, another style was invented called Painterly which was introduced in the 19th century. Though before this art style becomes available, there’s Impressionism that emerged in 1880s. The artist who first used this art style is Claude Monet who try to capture light not via detail of realism but more of with illusion and gesture.